Paper can be marked as recycled, when it actually contains up to 50% virgin wood pulp.

We aren't paper experts, which is why we use a local social enterprise who know about this kind of thing to take care of all the hard work for us. We trust their expertise in knowing that the paper we choose is made from post-consumer waste.

Right now, some of our packaging can't be made from 100% recycled paper, but we always try our hardest to choose the least impactful option. 

A huge 180 billion plastic polybags are produced globally each year, with fashion being a huge contributor with its usage of garment bagsWe have decided to forego the single plastic and go for paper bags or boxes when transporting our garments from the factory to the studio. If we happen to receive plastic polybags from other suppliers, we always reuse and recycle as much as we can.



deidei sustainable cardboard packaging


To reduce our carbon footprint and help our local economy aim to source all of our packaging from local suppliers.

We use a process called Risograph to print our swing tags and stationary. It's as sustainable as printing can be as it doesn't use any solvents or toners. We also use Soya based inks instead of Petroleum based inks - these are kinder on the environment.

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