About Us

Hi, we're Deidei

We made our start in vintage, afterall, vintage is the holy grail of sustainability. Since establishing our vintage collection online, we built our instagram following, garnered press and found like-minded women. So, we built Deidei with the hope that it will become the vintage of the future. 

Deidei is built with the aim of making looking good, feeling good and doing something positive for the Earth mean the same thing. Caring for the Earth has always been the hardest part of this challenge but ultimately if we want to see people looking and feeling good, it’s the most important part.

Designer Hailea Crichton in her Studio

Our Stuff

We design and develop all of our garments in house. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, so we design our stuff with circularity in mind. Which is just a fancy way to say that we design our things so that they can be recycled and mended easily.

Our garments are designed to make you feel like your best self. Hailea not only hand-paints all of our prints but she also cuts our patterns to ensure a great fit.

You can read about our sustainable stuff here.