Deidei is built on the belief that the most beautiful things are designed to have the least impact on people and the planet. We combine traditional British craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing techniques to create products that are designed to be handed down through generations. Circularity is considered throughout - from our design process through to our packaging and transport methods. 



The sustainable impact of all garments starts with the raw materials.We take a holistic approach to sourcing. Considering not only the composition and finish of fabrics but the conditions in which it is produced and the distance travelled.



The majority of our clothes are made by women. If we want our garments to make women feel good, this must start with the women that craft them for us. We are proud to work with partners in our supply chain that share our values and treat their workers with respect.



Our packaging is designed to be functional, minimal and circular. Even when transporting our garments; waste is a consideration. We celebrate understated sustainable materials, without compromising the products within. We work with a local social enterprise that specialise in ethical printing to produce the majority of our packaging.