Restore is Deidei's dedicated space to keeping things circular.

The best thing we can do for the planet is to make things that last and get more wear out of the stuff we already own.

Sometimes our stuff just needs a little TLC, don't we all. So, if you need to replace a button, learn how to take a hem up or take better care of your Deidei pieces then this is the place to be.

Up to two-thirds of clothes' carbon footprint occurs after you take it home. Which is really great news because there are some easy ways to make a difference.

80% of textiles being thrown in landfill can actually be reused. That's a lot of cute outfits just being tossed out. Fixing stuff is the best way to keep your wardrobe out of landfill, plus it's usually easier than you think.

Fixing your stuff doesn't have to be complicated, we've got some easy how-tos to get you started. Scroll down for the link.