Chair sits in the middle of a poly tunnel surrounded by home grown vegetables

Autumn Winter 22

The Collection

With the Autumn Winter 22 Collection, we wanted to explore the spaces between nature and people. All around us, there’s tension between nature and man-made. We looked at the things we experience every day, like walking through the park or growing plants in our gardens.

The simple things.

Model stands in a garden wearing a Sustainable Deidei Trouser Suit Jacket in deadstock

We wanted to bring a lightness and sunshine to our Autumn Winter Collection, whilst still taking notes from the seasons changes. The palette was inspired by the colours of changing leaves, the glistening morning frost and early morning mist.

We had this idea that the minimalist silhouettes are like the buildings and cars we see during a morning commute, clean and crisp, man-made and ergonomic. With the more feminine details coming from nature, with ruffles and collars cut like falling leaves.


The idea behind this collection was to reduce the impact we have on the environment by reusing things that already exist, so we chose to use deadstock. Deadstock is basically leftover fabric from textile and garment factories, which would otherwise be destined for landfill. We sourced our fabrics from UK mills close to our Studio in the North. It’s so special for us to be able to source from these places. Hailea’s grandparents worked in the textile mills so it feels like the journey has come full circle. It feels personal.

A core principle of Deidei is for our pieces to be versatile and last a long time, like a piece of workwear or utility wear. We added lots of details to the collection that make the pieces adaptable to changing bodies such as ties, buttons and pockets. We want our clothes to change with our bodies, not fight with them.

model wears deidei two piece skirt suit in chartreuse

On the Farm

It was so special for us to be able to shoot the collection in our friend's farm, close to where we both grew up. Deep in the Lancashire hills, surrounded by the food that she grows, with her chickens and the neighbours sheep keeping watch. It’s a huge contrast to the city where our Studio is, but it’s where our hearts live, here, in nature. We wanted to share that with you.

model wears a deidei mini skirt suit in chartreuse

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